4/8/2019 – NABOB Applauds Another Major Television Purchase by DuJuan McCoy from Nexstar Broadcasting

Press Release
April 8, 2019

The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) is pleased to see the announced acquisition by Circle City Broadcasting (Circle City) of CW affiliate WISH-TV and MyNetworkTV affiliate WDNY-TV from Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. The purchase price is $42.5 million.

NABOB is pleased to see DuJuan McCoy — the controlling owner and operator of Circle City, and member of the NABOB Board of Directors — continue his growth as a multiple station owner and operator. Mr. McCoy’s Bayou City Broadcasting owns KADN (Fox and MyNetworkTV), KLAF(NBC) in Lafayette, Louisiana, and WEVV (CBS) and WEEV-LD (FOX) in Evansville, Indiana, all purchased from Nexstar. That Mr. McCoy is making his third purchase from Nexstar speaks well for Mr. McCoy and also for Perry Sook, CEO of Nexstar.

In response to the announcement, Jim Winston, President of NABOB said, “NABOB is very excited to see this transaction. We are pleased to see DuJuan McCoy continue to grow his business, and to see Perry Sook and Nexstar in the midst of another positive development for African American television station ownership.” Winston added, “The Circle City transaction is pure standalone ownership — no SSA or JSA — which is NABOB’s long-term goal for all transactions. We are delighted to see DuJuan McCoy and Circle City continue to grow standalone African American television station ownership.”

NABOB is the only trade organization representing the interests of African American owners of radio and television stations across the country. The association was organized in 1976 by a small group of African American broadcasters who desired to establish a voice and a viable presence in the industry to address the unique concerns facing African
American broadcasters. For over forty years NABOB has helped shape national government and industry policies to promote media diversity. The NABOB Foundation was created to help prepare the next generation of broadcast station owners and managers.

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