DuJuan McCoy Media, LLC is a multi-media company founded by DuJuan McCoy.

The company was formerly Bayou City Broadcasting, LLC.

Bayou City Broadcasting was a Texas-based company founded by Mr. McCoy in December 2007. The company’s sole purpose was to purchase and operate broadcast TV stations in America.

In January 2008, Bayou City Broadcasting made it’s first TV acquisition by agreeing to purchase seven broadcast TV stations in West Texas from Sage Broadcasting. Included in this purchase were two FOX affiliates, KIDY-FOX San Angelo and KXVA- FOX Abilene, Texas. This acquisition earned Bayou City Broadcasting the distinction of being the only African American company to own and operate a FOX affiliate in the United States of America and purportedly the only African American company to own and operate a full powered major affiliate (FOX, ABC, NBC or CBS) in America.

For the next five years, Bayou City Broadcasting significantly improved the operation of these properties and in December 2012 divested those TV assets to London Broadcasting Company.

In January 2015, Bayou City Broadcasting acquired WEVV-TV (CBS and FOX) in Evansville, Indiana and in January 2017, acquired KADN and KLAF (Fox, NBC, and MNTV) in Lafayette, Louisiana both from Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

In April 2019.  DuJuan McCoy formed Circle City Broadcasting and agreed to purchase WISH and WNDY in his hometown of Indianapolis, IN from NEXSTAR Broadcasting, INC.   

On July 3rd, 2019 the companies of Bayou City Broadcasting completed a stock sale transaction of its’ Evansville, Indiana and Lafayette, Louisiana TV Stations to Allen Media Group.   After this transaction was consummated, DuJuan McCoy Media, LLC was again founded by DuJuan A. McCoy, with the sole purpose of continuing to purchase and operate broadcast TV stations in America. 

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